Trump’s chief Goldman-Sachs goblin tells America they can buy a new car for $1000


Gary Cohn is Trump’s chief economic advisor. He’s a former Goldman-Sachs banker with a net worth of more than $250,000,000. In his latest appearance, the quarter-billionaire explained to the press that Trump’s tax-plan (which will transfer billions to the wealthiest 1%, e.g., Gary Cohn) will save two-child families earning $100,000/year about $1,000 and that they can use this money to buy “a new car.”

Other things the quarter-billionaire thinks we can do with $1000: renovate our kitchens, take a family vacation, and “increase our lifestyle.”

Notably absent: subsidize our kids’ education after the schools collapse. Subsidize our parents’ eldercare after social services for the elderly collapse. Replace our cars after our roads fall apart. Feed ourselves after our laid-off breadwinners find themselves without any unemployment benefits.

Donald Trump will save $125 million, personally, if these cuts go through.