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The UK literally passed a death sentence on an infant because it’s socialist medical system didn’t want to shell out money to save it, endorses terrorism and imports terrorists by the million, and allows hordes of them to rape thousands of their kids.

England is the definition of failed state.

please explain the “socialist medical system passes death sentences” stuff to me

the alternative to a socialist medical system that pays for some treatment and doesn’t pay for the treatment of one (1) child who’s blatantly terminally ill is a capitalist medical system that pays for no treatment whatsoever and will kill hundreds of thousands of people who can’t afford treatment yearly, as well as bankrupts enormous amounts of families who do try to afford treatment

if you fail to explain how this is good, you will apologize. you will specifically call yourself a lying idiot who can’t do anything right, these are the words I’d like you to use.

Because most of the people will look to pay fines in order to not have a crappy generalized healthcare, like how people did with Obamacare, and the basis for the scandinavian healthcare is private one.


the basis for the scandinavian healthcare is private 


My guy

My dude

Denmark has single payer.

There’s a secondary private system you can go to if you don’t want to wait on the public system, but there is very much a public single payer system that handles 5/6ths of all health spending.

And how are the taxes on Denmark?

Denmark employs a progressive tax system. All income is taxed at a flat 8%, plus an extra 6% at ~7.5k – ~75k USD, and 15% above that. Healthcare system is currently taxed at 2%, but it’s phased out to be merged with the income tax. There’s also municipal tax, etc.

Total tax income ceiling is about 50% for the top income, compared to the United States at 40% (i.e. it’s not a “everyone in Europe is very poor because of the tax burden” story, which is flat out not true).

Why are you moving the goalposts though?

If OP was someone else I’d say they were trolling.

Um does OP realize that Charlie Gaurd was terminally ill? There was no “saving” him, only needlessly prolonging his inevitable death.

Actually knowing OP, facts won’t do any good. Its hard to check sources when your head is up your ass.

Bring up the fact that even the doctor said that, best case scenario, it would only have extended his life by a couple months and done nothing for the pain or suffering and they’ll ignore that, too.

They’ve a history of not knowing what they’re talking about, even with shit that sounds ridiculous to the ear and should immediately make you stop typing because “I’m about to say some dumb shit.”

I haven’t seen TICP in a while. Sad to see they’re so aggressively ignorant.