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The gun lobby writes the gun laws. Gun violence begets gun sales. This is insanity.

So, what actually happens when these tragedy occur is that people see that gun control fails to protect people and that armed self defense is a necessity to prevent such tragedies, which naturally boosts demand for instruments of armed self defense, thus boosting the supply of such products.

Basic fucking logic.

Except even if every person at that concert had been a rifle-armed sharpshooter it probably still wouldn’t have made a difference.

If @blind-force-trauma was right then the population of gun owners would be growing and not shrinking.

No, instead you have the NRA recruiting recruiting off of dead bodies.

The band that was playing at that concert said they regretted their stance against gun control, and they were legal gun owners who didn’t dare take out their guns lest they be mistaken by the police as another shooter.

The terrorist in Las Vegas was firing a semiautomatic rifle from an elevated position 1,000 feet away. The only way the 2nd Amendment could help you there is if every civilian was carrying a slung rifle, body armor, and had extensive military training. Even then they would probably turn on each other, because they have no idea who’s shooting at them.