Hypocrisy on Gun Control








Politicians don’t have a clue!


the truth comes out – they think they are more special than you because they were elected to represent you…

All the animals were equal, the pigs were more equal however

I’m not biting either side of the argument here, but let me test this one out:

I presume the reporter is talking about the presence of police and/or security forces.  These people are regulated by numerous rules and overseen.  Their weapons are tracked, their actions on duty are tracked, many of them now wear cameras which may be independently reviewed.  The power to protect themselves and others comes with responsibilities that we would never subject the average concealed-carrying civilian to.  We tend to view police and security forces in a similar way we view lawmakers: they are given power because they (in theory) work for the people.

Not to mention that a politician is placed under a much higher threat of violent attack than an ordinary citizen, and they themselves do not carry guns.