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The ACLU doesn’t have an A-C-L-U-E

This motivation is also expressed in the paradoxical leftist rhetoric that screams simultaneously; “REEEEEE government and cops are evil white nationalist nazis!” and “only cops should have guns!  Government needs to ban all the guns!”.

They’re dishonest or contradictory positions that veil their motivations;

1.  They want control of the government, not because it’s infested with “white nationalists”, but because they covet totalitarian power.  All this anti-government rhetoric on the left is literally because they don’t think the government is invasive enough.

2.  The power they ultimately desire relies on an absolute monopoly of violence.  They want the fist of the state at their disposal and they want you, the enemy, disarmed and unable to resist.

Freedom of Speech was fine until it served its machiavellian purpose and now it must be discarded.  Government is white nationalists until it is serving leftist authoritarian interests entirely and uniformly.  Private ownership of firearms is unacceptable because the proles would use them to resist this eventuality.

Gee, it sure is easy to find contradictory positions when you conflate half the political spectrum under one title.

I just want the Right to decide if they want no government or to throw commies from choppers.

By what definition is the left “in power”?

Also, “A-C-L-U-E” already has “a” in it, you don’t need “an,” you moron.