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His bank account bust be running short

I don’t really get why this is something to be gloating over? He was protesting something he felt strongly about, and doing so in a manner that was peaceful, legal and non-disruptive. Even if you feel that he was in the wrong with regards to his cause (which I personally don’t), and even if it’s true that it’s the prerogative of NFL teams to hire him or not for whatever reason (which I guess it is), it’s still a shame that someone’s livelihood suffered so much for standing up for what they believe in. It’s not as if he was spouting hate speech or trying to incite violence, at least as far as I can tell, he was simply protesting in a completely harmless way, and I don’t see why that should inspire the level of schadenfreude it evidently does.

Not gloating myself, pointing out the hypocrisy on the other hand.

Dude doesn’t actually believe in the protest, as I figured from the beginning, he’s an opportunist who’s contract was just about up. Being mediocre at best he needed a gimmick to get his name out there, and it backfired. If he actually believed in it he wouldn’t come out with this and sell his convictions for a contract.

That seems to be a lot of assumptions, unless there’s some other evidence I’m unaware of. This could simply be the actions of someone who now can no longer get hired in the one profession they’re trained in, and needs money to live, as we all do. Foregoing convictions in order to get by isn’t heroic, but it’s no different from what the vast majority of us would do if faced with the same choice. Perhaps that’s too generous an assessment, I don’t know anything about the guy, it just seems to me that the amount of vitriol he’s received for his peaceful protest is truly excessive and often hypocritical itself, coming as it often does from people who supposedly love free expression of even offensive ideas.



Figured it might be something like this…

I already added this information to the post, but thanks everyone.

You’re welcome! The more people who can help correct the misinformation of your original post, the better! 🙂