New tax plan will hinder care for older Americans

New tax plan will hinder care for older Americans:



Because the majority of those claiming medical expenses have incomes of $75,000 or less, snatching away this tax deduction will have one of three results. No longer able to afford the medical services or long-term care they need, these patients will be forced to:

  1. Forgo needed medical care
  2. Rely on family members to exhaust their own savings; or
  3. Impoverish themselves to qualify for Medicaid

None of these scenarios is desirable or fair, and cannot be justified in the name of giving billionaires and big corporations massive tax breaks. If, in fact, millions of older Americans unable to afford long-term care after their medical deductions impoverish themselves sooner in order to qualify for Medicaid, that will place an enormous strain on the program itself.

Max Richtman via The Hill.

Conservative death panels at work.