Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway.

Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway.:








A fascinating (yet completely predictable) article about a small Pennsylvania town of Trump supporters who blindly support him despite him not delivering on anything he promised leading up to the election.

When I asked Del Signore about the past year here, he said he “didn’t see any change because we got a new president.” He nonetheless remains an ardent proponent. “He’s our answer.”

I asked Schilling what would happen if the next three years go the way the last one has.

“I’m not going to blame him,” Schilling said. “Absolutely not.”

Is there anything that could change her mind about Trump?

“Nope,” she said.


“Everybody I talk to,” he said, “realizes it’s not Trump who’s dragging his feet. Trump’s probably the most diligent, hardest-working president we’ve ever had in our lifetimes. It’s not like he sleeps in till noon and goes golfing every weekend, like the last president did.”

I stopped him, informing him that, yes, Barack Obama liked to golf, but Trump in fact does golf a lot, too—more, in fact.

Del Signore was surprised to hear this.

“Does he?” he said.

“Yes,” I said.

He did not linger on this topic, smiling and changing the subject with a quip. “If I was married to his wife,” Del Signore said, “I don’t think I’d go anywhere.”


He said he was going to bring back the steel mills.

“You’re never going to get those steel mills back,” she said.

“But he said he was going to,” I said.

“Yeah, but how’s he going to bring them back?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “but it’s what he said, last year, and people voted for him because of it.”

“They always say they want to bring the steel mills back,” Frear said, “but they’re going to have to do a lot of work to bring the steel mills back.”

He hasn’t built the wall yet, either. “I don’t care about his wall,” said Frear, 76. “I mean, if he gets his wall—I don’t give a shit, you know? But he has a good idea: Keep ‘em out.”

He also hasn’t repealed Obamacare. “That’s Congress,” she said.

And the drug scourge here continues unabated. “And it’s not going to improve for a long time,” she said, “until people learn, which they won’t.”

“But I like him,” Frear reiterated. “Because he does what he says.”


“He’s kind of the last best hope, in my opinion,” said Bala, 65, a retired high school Spanish and reading teacher. “I haven’t run into anybody who’s said they’d never vote for him again.”

Next to Bala was a gray-haired man who told me he voted for Trump and was happy so far because “he’s kept his promises.”

I asked which ones.

“Border security.” But there’s no wall yet. “No fault of his,” the man said.

What else? “Getting rid of Obamacare.” But he hasn’t. “Well, he’s tried to.”

What else? “Defunding Planned Parenthood.” But he didn’t. “Not his fault again,” the man said.

I asked for his name. “Bill K.,” he said. He wouldn’t give me his last name. “I don’t trust you,” he said.


“The thing that irritates me to no end is this NFL shit,” Schilling told me in her living room. “I’m about ready to go over the top with this shit. We do not watch no NFL now.” They’re Dallas Cowboys fans. “We banned ‘em. We don’t watch it.”

Schilling looked at her husband, Dave McCabe, who’s 67 and a retired high school basketball coach. She nodded at me. “Tell him,” she said to McCabe, “what you said the NFL is …”

McCabe looked momentarily wary. He laughed a little. “I don’t remember saying that,” he said unconvincingly.

Schilling was having none of it. “You’re the one that told me, liar,” she said.

She looked at me.

The NFL?

“Niggers for life,” Schilling said.

“For life,” McCabe added.

this is just the result of dismissing blue collar working class towns.

‘depressed town’ is spot on

I don’t know what’s more predictable: this article or the reactions from people in comments on this thread.

“Fuck these people!

Why wont they vote the way I want them to? They’re ruining the world!
Fuck these people!” Repeat every 2-4 years ad nauseum.

Jonestown is just one of many towns in PA that is locked in a level of rust belt he’ll that can make areas of Detroit look peachy keen in comparison. And it’s these areas that led to Donald swinging PA, just look at the election maps.

And those comments that are saying “fuck those people” are causing the exact opposite reaction. These are people living in an area that is ravaged by both failing economies and the career politicians that continue them. To simply dismiss them because “hurr durr dey voted for donald drumpf dey don’t matter” is hardening their resolve to Donald and the Republican Party. And if you want to win an election, you need to make the blue collar feel like you’re here to help and you aren’t another politician ready to crush their hopes and dreams under their show like a discarded leaf.

Yeah sorry that we don’t have the level of compassion for bigoted racists that you do. 

I give less than a fuck about some racist sack of shit that lives in Nowhere, PA who is clinging to the glory days of the steel mill and coal mines. 

Their entire existence is withering on the vine and dying as we speak and they can vote for Trump or Trump equivalents until they are blue in the face. That’s not going to change their fate. It would be nice for them if they could see that as well, for their own good. 

I don’t have the appetite to coddle these people. 

Bruh you just validated my damn post by being a little shit

As I said you can’t simply ignore blue collar people in other states, it’s called the United States for that reason. Nor can you simply label everyone in an area as racist and shutting them off from discussion because that builds resentment in your cause and will lead to people looking towards other parties. Simply thinking you can ride off of the votes of areas that think exactly like you do is the stupid shit that leads to candidates losing an election so spectacularly.

Also please make it less obvious you’re lurking this post/my blog because you’re gonna make this prediction pretty obvious. You’re either gonna start spamming my messages claiming I’m a racist or you’re gonna block me and then spend around half an hour vagueposting about me because I dared to not cower in front of your wet noodle of a retort.

It’s really not a complicated concept and I’m not sure what you all don’t get. Trump ran a campaign largely focused on discriminatory remarks and action. When you vote for someone like that, one of two things is possible: you either support that or you don’t care what happens to people of color. Both positions are racist.

Your idea that not taking on the responsibility of guiding blue collar racists out of continually electing people who desert them leads to resentment ignores all relevant historical context, which is almost perfectly reflected in contemporary political rhetoric, so… also ignoring what’s been happening around us for years. For actual centuries, wealthy white people have been creating and maintaining a rift between people of color and poor whites by getting poor white folks to blame people of color for their troubles caused by wealthy elites. No one had to ignore them – in fact, this began happening when the two groups (poor whites and people of color – specifically Black people) politically and socially aligned with each other. That resentment is very old and has nothing to do with POC not caring about poor white folks, or ANYBODY not caring about them, and at no point did it become about that. You made that up. Unsure why, when historians do such a diligent job, but you did.

Odd, though, that so many people urge others to sympathize with poor white racists and see their side of things like their side of things isn’t the entire public narrative of being poor and unemployed. Rather than taking the time themselves to pick up the already-decades-long attempt to educate them and realign with them, other vulnerable groups are supposed to add the woes of workers from dying industries who refuse to take on the burden of learning about or defending us onto our already full plates.

We understand them and know their boohoo tales inside and out. We just don’t give a fuck about racists.

These guys say it themselves: nothing could convince them to abandon Trump. Nothing. His promises don’t matter. His record doesn’t matter. His disdain for their existence doesn’t matter. The facts don’t matter. There’s no saving them. All you can do is ignore them until you outnumber them, and then work to help everyone whether they like it or not.