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The point about the rich, privileged right wing in America.

They can’t understand basic reality or practicality. 

Or how the real world works in the end.

Last time I checked, no one has ever died from not being able to afford fancy furniture.

I *think* I might know what he’s trying to say but wtf

Ben is usually pretty damn good but to say he screwed the pooch on this one would be an understatement

Ben is like 50/50 with the thinfs he says.

sometimes it’s like “hey, good job Ben.” and other times, like with this one, it’s more like “Ben, why?”

He’s a broken clock.

“Why, Ben?”

Is that really a question?

Bernie is amazing. He really is an incredible person. Before he ran, I sincerely doubt that these people would have admitted any fault with Ben Shapiro (who is a fucking moron, by the way), much less conceded that there may be a valid argument for single-payer healthcare. They would have been behind him all the way.

But Bernie is so good at getting through to people, so compassionate and sincere and understandable, that when Shapiro attacks him he looks like an idiot even to his own base. There is a quintessential purity to Bernie’s politics, an unblemished, honest desire to help people and make the world a better place, that allowed him to reach out to independents and members of the right-wing who would have scorned and mistrusted any other leftist candidate. He’s not a perfect man by any means, but I can’t help but admire him and his accomplishments. He’s really an inspiration, and his ability to unify makes him such a good role model for socialism and the left.