This App Lets You Bail Out Black Prison Inmate…

This App Lets You Bail Out Black Prison Inmates with Your Spare Change:




The function of the app is simple: In less than 60 seconds, connect the
account you use to make everyday purchases. Here, your purchases will be
rounded up to the nearest dollar to automatically donate each time you
reach at least $2 in spare change. Users can pause and resume their
contributions at any time. On the topic of his goals with the project,
Ziegler explains:

“Our short term goals are to get as many folks
home for the holidays as possible so we hope many folks join the
platform for Giving Tuesday and contribute their holiday spending change
to those in need.

Long term, we see the platform being used in a variety of
ways to bolster the voices of those in need beyond just a financial

This now exists. Today I’m linking my bank account to become the first customer.

Why though? They are prisoners because they broke the law and they deserve to pay the price of their actions. Not just to be set free because they are black.

It’s pretty obvious you didn’t read the article where they brought up all of the stats that show why the school-to-prison pipeline unfairly targets the black (and in some states, latino) population.

People can be held for months without due trial or even a reason, all because they can’t make bail. Some people get stuck in jail for weeks, and sometimes months, over basic traffic violations.

Not to mention that breaking the law can be done for good reasons, for just reasons (look at how many protesters have been arrested even tho they were peacefully protesting, which is supposed to be covered and acceptable by our laws), and that “breaking the law” can sorta kinda mean whatever tf a cop wants it to mean. Quite literally. They can apprehend people simply because they can. Slap them with “resisting arrest” and call it a day. And then the person can rot in jail for who knows how long.

There are lots of resources to learn about this online. Please go educate yourself.