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Why are they saying this like he loses anything for risking his job? A fired rich person is at worst upper middle class AND doesn’t have to work. Frame what he did as civil rights and not like he took any financial risk…

Props though on saying how he took a stand, lol.

But the point is that he lost his job FOR taking a stand against racism which shouldn’t be a thing period and not only did he lose his job he was ostracized for his actions

The NFL colluded against him meaning owners and coaches actively went out of their way to not sign him or stop him being signed to another team. He’s filed a grievance and it’s gonna be an embrasement for the entire league even if Colin looses. Some people may be forced as owners to step down and sell their team.

So we just ignorin how ol dude thinks the ACLU is a college and not the American Civil Liberties Union?