CHIP is Still Expired






CHIP is healthcare for 9 million children. 

It is a 20 year old program, that has always had wide bipartisan support. 

It was allowed to expire on October 1st. 

The existing funding should cover through the end of the year, but the lack of action on what should be an easy vote is alarming. It has been two weeks. 

It has been two months. 

CHIP funding is Still Expired. 

Children’s healthcare centers are preparing to close. 

Last time funding needed reauthorization, it was done by April. It’s currently the end of November. 

Congress has to fix this before the end of the year. 

Congress goes on vacation on December 15th. 

They still haven’t funded CHIP.

If they don’t fund it, 9 million children are going to lose their health insurance. 

It has been 66 days. 

Criminal negligence

Take the funding from their salaries