Ilford family come home to find letting agency…

Ilford family come home to find letting agency has mistakenly taken their possessions to the dump:


Salema Rumy, 24, of Golfe Road said she thought she had been burgled when she came home on December 29 and called the police.

On further inspection, she noticed that as well as missing cash, wedding jewellery and her five-year-old son’s toys, items of furniture has been taken.

“Redbridge Council gave us the property through Finefair, on December 25 and we had all our goods delivered on the 27th,” she said.

“When we came back on the 29th, all our furniture except the bed had gone. They had even taken the pillow.”

Mrs Rumy said she called the landlord and was told most of the items had been scrapped.

“Everything was scattered and ripped up,” she said.

“My parents had just given my son gifts.

“He is so scared and doesn’t understand why they have gone.”

The festive period was ruined for another two residents who experienced similar situations

Johanne Rumsey returned to her flat on December 28 after time away, but after putting her key in the lock she found another family sitting in her property.

All her possessions had been removed, including her passport and a new headboard for her bed.

Johanne battles with mental health problems and said she didn’t know what to do and as most services were shut she was forced to sleep rough with a group of homeless people and their dogs at the back of the Exchange shopping centre, Ilford.

“I have lost all my possessions, I have nothing – no passport, no Id, I don’t even have a toothbrush,” she said.

“I couldn’t report it to the police as I have no proof of who I am.”

The residents were all living in accommodation provided by Finefair, of Eastern Avenue, Gants Hill.

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