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I can smell the entitlement in the air

Oregon was a mistake

Oregon, what you doin???

I think I am most bewildered by how many people seem to think that you spend the rest of the day reeking of gas fumes if you touch a gas pump. Do they think you pour the gas all over yourself…? Why are these gas fumes clinging to you through your day such that you will not be fit to be around other humans…? 

I didn’t even know there were places left that let you pump your own gas.

@antyc67 in Britain we pump our own.

I didn’t know there were any stations left where people don’t pump their own gas.  Every gas station I’ve ever seen has been self-service since the 1970s.

I’ve lived in Central Michigan my entire life and i have never heard of people just….not pumping their gas……i’m so fucking confused.

Oregon: You expect us to pump our own gas like peasants? :/

The entire rest of the world:

Guys please stop hating on us just because of a few confused people. The law is only in two rural counties because there’s not enough workers.

Oregon should hire a bunch of people to carry VIPs around on litters. Job creation!

Warning, guys, it looks like there’s been a breach at both Facebook and Tumblr.  Adam Smith is breaking into people’s accounts.  If you see any out-of-character remarks like, “Deregulating an international industry surely wouldn’t cost us jobs” or “Why would you want trained personnel to handle combustible materials?” please report possible identity theft to your local neighborhood watch group.

“[Laughing nervously] What the fuck?” was definitely my reaction to this post as someone who has literally never seen a gas station that wasn’t self serve.

Standing around all day filling people’s cars with gas so they don’t have to step out and be accosted by transients – what a fulfilling job!