my friend’s boyfriend apologised for feeling like he was ‘fetishising’ her body hair when he said he found it attractive that she doesn’t shave. this is what porn culture does! women making themselves look prepubescent has been so normalised that attraction to the natural body of an adult female woman seems somehow more deviant!

Actually I’d argue that this is what happens when you routinely demonize every opinion men have.  It’s not that body hair is seen as a deviant attraction to have it’s that men aren’t allowed to have opinions on a woman’s body without it being deviant.  If he hadn’t liked it he would have been shaming her, if he had he would have been fetishiseing her, so he figures the safest rout is to like it and apologize, but now that’s bad too because it means he watches too much porn.  Sounds like the sorry dude just can’t win.