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It’s almost as if schools push and ideology that benefits schools. 

Bruh, trades are in high fucking demand right now too. Between now and 2020 there are suppose to be 300,000 more jobs and that’s just for welder.

Shit, they’ll pay for you to learn how to do it.

I just finished high school and got a untility job in a factory and I have almost no experience. They’re gonna train me for everything plus it has full health benefits.

Trades are fucking great.

My husband is a welder, and is very very good at it. He got hired by a locksmith company pretty much just by walking in and going “Yes I can weld.”

All of the other guys there were great at locksmithing, but none of them were trained welders, and they needed someone who could build custom doors and frames. 

They trained him to do lock stuff too, so now he can weld AND pick locks. 

The owner of the company, when he handed out Christmas bonuses, looked at him and went “Dude we literally cannot fire you because we’d be screwed so here’s your bonus and also we’re giving you a raise.”

Welders are in desperate demand. 

Blows kisses to this post.

Anyway, learn a trade, unionize, wear your PPE, memorize OSHA’s phone number.

I was raised to have a trade AND a profession- the trade is to make a living from, the profession is to pursue once the living is secured. but the trade is to directly contribute to the welfare of my community by performing work that’s needed to keep a community safe and healthy- in my case, home healthcare nursing. That I went on and got a Bachelor’s in nursing and am now learning something even more specific is beside the point.

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