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These are inhumane conditions..

Is America great yet?

Just a quick reminder, Baltimore has had a Democrat mayor since 1967, and their City Council has been completely Democrat for at LEAST eight years. 

Fun fact: Budgeting for and managing Baltimore Public Schools is handled through Maryland State Dept. of Ed.

Fun fact #2: State funding to Baltimore schools has been cut so deeply that some schools have taken to lying about their students for more state funding.

Fun fact #3: The mayor, city delegation, and chair of appropriations pulled in $180 million dollars for public school funding in April.

Fun fact #4: The ACLU has long-since been suing to block the state funding budget for Baltimore that is at the heart of the chronic underfunding and underperformance of their public schools.  The funding formula in use is short-changing Baltimore Schools by $290 million per year.

Fun fact #5: Maryland-appointed consultants have already determined that Maryland State needs to pay $358million more, per year, to keep up to federal standards. (citation same as #3).

Maryland’s Governor:


Just like Flint, the issue is actually bigger than, and rooted outside of, the city itself.  If you want you can even make the case for it being the problem of both parties.

But no.  You didn’t know what you were talking about, and in a conversation about how Baltimore students have to go to school in the fucking freezing cold, you thought it would be a decent time to spout off some uninformed bias.

And to pre-empt “but @thedarkempressofthenight alluded to Trump”, yes, she did.

Because Trump made fixing these issues a campaign commitment.

And he hasn’t done shit about it.

Trump invited it on himself.  And what actions he has done (or claims to have done) have actively been to the detriment of Baltimore public schools.  He is pro-actively making the situation worse.

Oh, and the real fucking kicker of this?

In 2015 Hogan cut corporate tax rates and income rates in Maryland in both 2015 and 2016, with 45% of the benefit from 2015 going to people who make 500k+ a year.  91% went to people making more than 70k a year.

Cut taxes on the upper class and rich.  Cut spending for poor people.  Corporate tax plan since day 1.