when anticommunists tell u that “you havent paid attention to history” or “you need to study history” what theyre really saying is “why wont you take at face value the biased and often reductionist history you were taught by capitalists about why socialism is evil”. when they talk about “studying history” theyre not interested in talking about every coup the cia backed, every terrorist group the us funded in order to “fight communists”, every war that imperialist powers started over profit, or every innocent person killed in those wars. they dont want to talk about the history of violent racism and police brutality, or about every person the us government has tortured, or the history of suppression of leftists and the working class, or how companies fund right wing death squads, they just want to say “the ussr is why communism is bad”

ok since this post made a lot of people who cant stand to see capitalism critiqued in any form mad im going to provide sources for all the shit im talking about. 

if you want to tell leftists they need to study history but you dont want to look at any of the crimes of capital, or the crimes committed in upholding capitalism then you dont give a shit about studying history. if you can recognize that gulags were fucked up and horrible, as you should, you cant turn a blind eye on the american prison system where people are being forced to work for almost no pay. so the question is do you actually care about studying history or do you just want to deflect off every critique of capitalism

And if you think Communism go talk to any person thats lived through it.

Wow never heard that one before in my entire time on this website well played here’s my keys fuck my wife

I’m fairly sure that the people in power under communism will tell you how it was great.

Just like i’m sure people with wealth in capitalism think it’s fantastic.  How people with estates are happy that the estate tax is going away.  How people who could afford American Health Insurance before the ACA thought it was the best medical system ever.  How people who can afford to go to Yale think that America is the best country for education.

Communism sucks.  Capitalism sucks.  Socialism, also, sucks.

The trick is balancing them out so you get the good and leave the bad.

Want to be rich because you’re uniquely talented and creative?  Fucking do it.

Want to get treated for cancer without selling yourself into debt slavery?  We can do that too.

Lol RAE that’s dumb as hell. “Fascism sucks, unless you balance it out so you get the good and none of the bad.” What an aggressively centrist thing to say.