“HILLARY WON THE POPULAR VO–” it literally doesnt matter. it never mattered. how have yall not gotten that through ur thick ass skulls yet. it should matter, but it doesnt and it never did! theres nowhere near enough political momentum right now to end the electoral college so just fucking drop it or pay me $50 every time u expect me to listen to u talk about it again!!!!!

and u know it wouldnt even bother me that much if these people had an actual plan as to how they wanted to end the electoral college that went a little further than signing a change dot org petition but that would require democrats to actually fucking do something for once

also it doesn’t even matter that she won the popular vote when you take into consideration that they deliberately tried to run up the popular vote score by campaigning in safe states like california rather than visiting places she was weak in like wisconsin. 

and they all knew the rules beforehand lol. it’s not like they changed the rules at the last minute and wrong-footed them. everyone involved in the campaign was just uniquely and amazingly bad at politics, who decided to collude with the media to elevate the far right and then lost to them, handing them the biggest victory anywhere in the world for multiple generations. everyone involved in running that campaign should be fucking put to death. thanks for reading.