watching Nosedive with my girlfriend when halfway through she checks
her phone. There are like 15 notifications from instagram: *“Someone
liked your photo. Someone liked your photo. Someone liked your photo.”

She just looked at me, with a guilty face. It just showed how spot on
Black Mirror has depicted society and the direction in which it’s
headed. Made me chuckle.


[F]rankly if I didn’t have any followers/friends on these apps,  would I
still post? Probably not. I don’t care as much about followers/checking
who follows me etc. as I used to, but it’s still a bit of a self esteem
boost to see the likes rolling in when I post something. If I take a
photo of an object I still think of how to pose it so it will look the
best on Instagram like she does with her coffee in the episode. This
episode really made me realise all of this doesn’t mean shit[.]


You know how often my gf just likes everything on her Instagram feed
just for the sake of liking it? And I know multiple people that do it.
It’s just mindless liking things over and again. That’s the society
we’ve come to.


It’s such a brilliant episode because it just highlights that people
like posts and photos on Instagram that are completely fake. No one can
be that perfect, yet that’s how we present ourselves on social media


This is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s plenty more rhetoric like it. You’ve all seen the thinkpieces and the Banksy installations and the political cartoons. This kind of criticism, in my view, relies on a few different-but-related premises:

  • Editing or curating something is the same as lying about it.
  • Desire for feedback is inherently unhealthy or indicative of personal flaws.
  • There is no such thing as a genuine desire to share or connect; everything that appears so is merely a status game.

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“Yes, everything is edited; yes, people want to present their optimized selves; yes, we will relentlessly beautify everything in our path. Yes, humans care about form in addition to function! Why take the time to serve a latte in a nice mug when you can drink a Red Bull from a plastic bucket? Why is it “Sunday best” and not “Sunday stained sweatpants”? To Instagram one’s morning coffee is to embrace form itself. Its function is to nourish my body. Its form is to make someone smile, to remind them that they miss me, to evoke memories of previous coffee dates. Hell, even just to be a pretty picture. But why paint your house when exposed sheetrock is perfectly functional?

Why publish a novel, anyway? Do you want people to read it or something? Do you want them to like it? Nope, the only authentic work is work produced solely for yourself. If you feel better when people appreciate your efforts and worse when they don’t, then you’re just a cog in the machine. ”