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Hello everyone.

So today I have sad news to bring to you, I’ve been plagied.

I had some messages there telling me if I made a game that I released lastly, knowing I didn’t I asked no and wanted to know why many people asked me this, then they gave me a link to the Facebook page of the company :


I looked on it, and directly saw the icon that is, quasi my little pigeons I animate bouncing, then I was like “ mmm … maybe they were inspired but they could ask for permission because it’s way too similar for my taste, it’s really like my animations”  then I saw the videos and it was terrible.

You may already what I animate, but when I saw the video of the gameplay, I had no words.

All of my motions, bouncing animals, Dancing frames are exactly the sames !!

They totally copied my art !!!

So I contacted them, I wanted to be sure, they replied me that it’s for game and that my art is for animation so it’s not the same. Sigh 

So I told my friends about it, many tried tu put messages to discuss with them, no success. Some even were blocked when they put proof of my work.

I’m lost, I didn’t sleep last night because of this, I contacted lawyers and got some explanation, so it’s still going but I have to deal with it and I wanted you to know my current situation.

I share this with you because I’m an artist, this kind of thing happen to us WAY too often and I want to act, for me, for you, for any artists on the internet!

It have to stop!

I have so many proofs on my blog, but also you know me and my art well. 

I can’t let this pass and stay there.

All I wanted was just to spread happiness with my art, now some took all my dreams and hope to make money … but I’m fighting !

Please be aware of this and tell people that it’s total plagiat of my art.

Thank you.

Edit, Thank you all so much for your messages !!!

Replying to all is so hard but thank you for taking the time for it !

Also as many said yes, it clearly also look like the trash dove from FB, it’s like they just took our ideas and fused them to make something that could make a buzz  I’m sooo disgusted.

This is NOT okay. 

Things You Can Do: 

-Leave a negative review on the app store of your choice 
 -Contact them through their website
-Report them on the app store of your choice 
-Talk about it on social media. Say the name of the game, say “Fortafy Games” – make this stuff show up when people Google them! 
-Try to leave comments on their Facebook about it – double check it goes through, they’re marking them as spam 


Update: They’re blocking everyone who comments about this~

How dare anyone do this to k-eke