“Money doesn’t buy happiness” ok and poverty buys what exactly

where is the lie

Out of poverty creates strength and compassion. It’s weird how that works.

i sure wasn’t feeling the strength when i was skipping class because i was too weak to walk there after going 2-3 days without food, and i definitely wasn’t compassionate when i was checking every time i walked home to see if there was an eviction notice on the door. stop trying to fucking make it seem like a good thing.

Poverty is not a virtue.  It doesn’t make you a better person.  Poverty doesn’t make you “strong and compassionate” it makes you insecure and stressed the fuck out.  Poverty makes it so you can’t live your life without the everything being undercut by fear.  It makes you hard and angry.  We need to do away with the bullshit myth that being poor is somehow better for you as a person.  You know who wants you to believe that?  Rich people, so you don’t question them.

“poverty creates strength and compassion” is a lie perpetuated by the financially privileged to encourage the poor to accept their economic disadvantage and all of the trouble it comes with.

lack of access to affordable medical care, affordable education, shelter, electricity, and food do not build character. literally kill that myth right now