Let’s celebrate that Ronald Reagan is still dead.

1 note = 1 liter of piss on his grave.

People are reblogging this with a bunch of “so much for the tolerant left” bs not realizing that every note they give it pours more weewee on ol’ Ronnie Raygun’s shitty corpse.

I know Regan did some shitty, shitty things but he wasn’t all bad. Before Regan, if you wanted a divorce someone had to be at fault for the marriage break up, meaning that if you were in a relationship that just wasn’t working you had to lie in court and both spouses needed to be present. That may not seem like a big deal but for victims of domestic violence this trapped them in horrible marriages, and domestic violence also wasn’t seen as a valid reason for divorce. Enter Regan, who as Governor of California introduced the no fault divorce, making it much, much easier for couples to separate and for abuse victims to escape ties from their abuser. This quickly spread to the rest of the country, and studies have shown that this change in divorce proceedings has reduced female suicide rates by 20%. So yeah, Regan wasn’t all great but he wasn’t all bad, so maybe we can reduce the litre of piss down to about 250ml?

Nah that doesn’t make up for the thousands of deaths in the AIDS epidemic, let alone the other atrocities of his presidency, he can still rot in Hell.

You make it sound like he came up with the idea for no fault divorce. It was drafted by an independent NGO and introduced and approved by the California state legislature. The only thing that sack of shit did was sign it, i.e. not actively reject it. He didn’t introduce it. He merely did not stop it from becoming law (and I imagine it would have passed even if he had vetoed it).

Two liters of piss for old Ron, and shame on you for trying to redeem him.