You heard the man, folks.

Some resources:

32BJ SEIU – For cleaners, property maintenance workers, doormen, security officers, window cleaners, building engineers, and school and food service workers.

UFCW – Representing workers in the retail, grocery, packing and processing, chemical, cannabis and distillery industries.

 1199SEIU – For healthcare workers, including nurses, nurse aides, techs, lab workers, clerks, housekeepers, dietary workers, transporters, pharmacists, social workers and other medical professionals.

National Writers’ Union – Open to all writers and editors who are either published or intend to publish. 

Freelancers Union – Open to freelancers of all kinds, including artists and other creatives: if you’re not sure what industry you fit into, check this one out. 

Don’t think there’s a labor union for you?  The IWW is a union for all workers:

I used to be indifferent to unions. And then a few years ago, I (and my colleagues) had a major problem with harassment and other issues from the top management. Was at a meeting where we were asked by HR to be forgiving because the leadership was of “a different generation”. I snapped and turned to my supervisor’s boss and said, “We need our union rep in here. Right now.” After that, I didn’t go to a meeting with HR on this issue without my rep. It got resolved better than I’d hoped. HR is there to protect the employer. Your union will be there for you.