The leaked Comey memos just blew up in Trump’s…

The leaked Comey memos just blew up in Trump’s face:


The past 12 hours brought two very big revelations involving former FBI director James B. Comey, President Trump and the Russia investigation, and they must be looked at side by side to fully grasp their collective importance.

  1. Comey’s memos of his conversations with Trump have leaked in full. This came after Republicans threatened to subpoena them from Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, leading him to release them to Congress.
  2. Comey confirmed to Rachel Maddow that before getting fired, he ordered an internal investigation into whether Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani had been privately tipped off by people in the FBI two weeks before the election that Comey would soon announce that “new” emails had been found, reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Importantly, Comey confirmed to Maddow that he doesn’t know the answer to that question, because he was fired before that investigation concluded…

When you cut through all the noise, what they really reveal is a senior law enforcement official struggling to figure out in real time how to handle efforts by the president to turn him into a loyalist devoted to carrying out his political will in wildly inappropriate fashion. Comey’s memos recount in new detail that Trump repeatedly demanded his loyalty and that Trump pressed him to drop his probe into his then-national security adviser Michael Flynn.