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I never could explain my issue with the Judeo-Chrustian God but this explains it. he is an abuser, all-powerful, all-knowing, punishes you if you upset him, ignores you if you please him. Was pissed the angels worshipped him unconditionally as they had no free will to do so, creates humans with free-will so they can Choose to worship him cus, come on I’m awesome, gets pissy when they choise not to worship him.

God is an abusive partner

I know a number of ex Catholics who experience PTSD-like mental health issues.

Religious trauma syndrome: https://theestablishment.co/the-hidden-trauma-of-life-after-fundamentalism-110946ab05f2

And Christians often interpret people struggling after leaving the faith as proof that the lack of faith is the problem rather than the brainwashing that really caused the problem.

A Fair Point