TIL in 2015 a father saved his son’s life when doctors wrongly declared him braindead and were taking him off life support. He barricaded himself with a gun in the hospital and had a stand-off with SWAT until his son squeezed his hand. The son made a full recovery


I actually just heard about this on the radio; the Michael Berry Show on WRNO 99.5. The hospital was trying to harvest his organs, and declared him dead. His father barricaded the door, and held an entire swat team at bay, until his son squeezed his hand, awake from a forced coma.

It gets better…

The swat team brought their own doctors who, after finally securing the room, started to check the kid. Turns out, the kid was fine, after waking up from the coma.

It gets better…

After the swat team doctors checked out the kid, there was a nurse who came in to “check” on the kid. The swat doctors asked to see her orders. Turns out she didn’t have any. What she did have was a 50cc syringe in her pocket, full of a powerful sedative. 5cc’s were enough to put someone in a deep coma. There were 50cc’s in the syringe, more than enough to euthanize the kid.

It gets better…

Swat doctors took her into custody. She refused to talk. They got a warrant and started checking into the deaths happening at the hospital. Turns out, there were a great many “quick decisions” made by hospital staff, for patients to be put into medically induced comas, from which they never woke up. All of which were finalized with organ transplants. Organ transplants which the families of the deceased did not know about.

TL:DR The hospital was euthanizing patients after illegally putting them into medical comas, then harvesting their organs.

Here are some facts:

1. OP post is legit.

2. Addition by doubletap-centermass is…. the plot of 1978 film Coma.

3. Also: you can google the hospital from the OP news story. You’d think that a crazy organ-stealing conspiracy would be the first thing that comes up when you google that hospital. Nothing like that comes up. Also, if you listen to the radio show the second poster keeps citing: nothing about it comes up either. (Quelle surprise.)

4. Fear-mongering about organ transplants, and just hospitals in general, is a classic ultra-right-wing scare tactic. Which would make sense, considering that Tumblr user doubletap-centermass is… 

a virulent anti-Semite and homophobe. It feels extra weird to see LGBT and Jewish tumblrs sharing this right and left.

5. There have been scandals about hospitals being pressured to declare unconscious patients brain-dead so that they could harvest organs…  such as this scandal from 2012, in New York state, which involved precisely four cases and also is totally unrelated to the article shared by OP, from Texas in 2015. And again, just because I can’t get over this: the part about deliberately putting patients into comas to steal their organs is literally the plot of 1978 film Coma.

6. If you’ve reblogged this and you’re like “Shit!!” and wish you hadn’t: I guess maybe considering deleting the reblog from your tumblr? Or even reblog this instead. I mean, getting the correct information out would be a good way to fix this bizarro thing. Hell, even if you haven’t reblogged the weirdo post but you’re seeing this on your dashboard instead: consider sharing it just to get the correct info out there.

Please feel free to add to this post if you find concrete actual evidence of anything I missed. I am human and fallible.

P.S. I will also add, just for the principle of the thing: somebody saying “I heard it on the radio” is about as reliable a source as “I overheard some man on a bus telling it to his neighbor”. (Especially since so much radio, these days, is about as reliable a source of accurate information as any random conspiracy theorist’s podcast.)

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Even the OP seemed a little farfetched. If you unquestioningly reblogged that addition, you should take a good hard look at how gullible you are.