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For perspective, we are talking about people who generally have ZERO income. Right now, they are still required to pay $50/month in rent unless they can do a certain number of hours of community service. 

Carson is proposing that those with zero income pay $150/month in rent. This is setting people up to either 1) be evicted from Public Housing for not being able to pay their rent (and thereby become homeless), or 2) borrow, panhandle, steal, etc. to keep themselves and their family housed. (They can also be evicted if the government finds out they’re doing this.) 

In addition, many agencies (and churches) categorically will NOT help people in this position, even under the $50/month rent, because they say it is not “affordable” since their rent exceeds their monthly income. 

Public Housing is the last stop before homelessness, and this is only going to make it worse. People should not be treated liked this, and even on the “business” side, the government spends more money in social services, police calls, shelters, etc., when individuals are homeless than they would if they just invested in keeping people housed. 

I really don’t know how anyone can look at this and not see blatant class warfare. This is nothing less than an immoral, unnecessary attack on poor people.

Republicans are evil. Period.

The only thing I hate more than Republican-lite centrists, is Republicans. And the only thing I hate even more than Republicans is Black Republicans who sold out their own people.