Ex anti-feminists/anti-sjws are so pretentious…

Ex anti-feminists/anti-sjws are so pretentious sometimes and don’t realize that sometimes they’re just as cringy as the folks they call cringy. Like cool for you (“you” meaning them obvi) for not participating in discourse anymore but that doesn’t make you better than anybody else or anybody who does cringy or whatever you wanna call it and if you feel it does then just unfollow them and shut the fuck up instead of trying to show everyone you’re “too cool” for discourse anymore.

After the sort of exodus about..hell, four or five years ago now, a lot of them sort of mellowed out on the discourse or are avoiding it entirely for the sake of cultivating whatever sort of aesthetic or content they want their fresh blogs to show. Some, though, have sort of “overcorrected” like how one jerks the wheel too hard when they start to lose control of the vehicle, sending them on an equally hazardous motion. Now, instead of evolving their perspectives to more nuanced and informed ones, some have become the same types they used to argue against so vehemently. I think you’re right about it being done out of their eagerness to not feel so cringey about how they used to be, but it doesn’t help the state of things to leap backwards into sweeping, unsubstantiated generalizations or posts like that.

Some of the ones who abandoned the label have become really chill people with good content and who maintain level heads about things. Some are still involved in discourse when they want, and I observe them making sincere efforts to improve their perspective if better arguments are made than their own.

Some, unfortunately, overcorrected and went into the ditch. I still follow a number of them because I don’t want to risk curating only content that agrees with me. But it’s kind of a shame to see them choose poorly in order to cultivate an inauthentic “new me” sort of appeal. I never adopted the labels, but I leave all my sincere discourse posts tagged and available for viewing dating all the way back so my growth can be seen. That required accepting that link spamming people and calling them cunts – however satisfying – wasn’t going to progress the state of discourse here even if I was right.

I just wish folks would focus less on unnecessary identities and more on the arguments presented.