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…hmmm almost like these two things are connected

Can someone explain this? From my knowledge, Hepatitis A is spread by fecal contact. If I’m missing something, I’m open to learning more

when people can’t get tests to learn they’re infected they can’t take precautions they probably should’ve been taking already to stop further spread. 

when one can easily learn they’re infected and easily have access to places like planned parenthood they can get vaccinated and no long worry about further infecting other people.

so you see a simple vaccine can cure a person with hepatitis A, and all that requires is a quick test to see if a person has it. so with diligent testing, and easy access to simple healthcare this entire epidemic would have been prevented.

tennessee is gleefully defunding the people’s most basic access to healthcare, and naturally we see … disease spread.

ergo, in the end, it was more expensive to defund planned parenthood than to leave it as it was. but of course they already knew this, they just wanted to hurt poor people.