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In the event you come into contact or are imminently likely to come into contact with tear gas you should make or be able to make a makeshift mask like the one pictured above. Similar masks have been used recently around the globe. 

There are multiple ways to build them but this should give
you an idea.


Another way to quickly neutralize the gas grenade is to put
it into water.


after it is in the water the container needs to be closed or
sealed. The tear gas canisters will be hot, and may explode, keep this in mind
if handling. A breakdown of an actual tear gas grenade is below.


While there are other options they are less effective and so I will not go into them here. The chemicals
in the gas are actually crystalline in nature so the cling to your clothes and
skin a lot more, and will until properly washed. If you sweat or attempt to
wash with hot water your pores will open and the crystals will enter them,
causing your skin to feel the burning sensation much more acutely. First aid
for tear gas are as follows.


Other treatment knowledge is that people with contact lenses are especially at risk and need to have someone with uncontaminated hands remove them immediately, or you risk permanent eye damage.