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can someone caption this? I cant read all of them

1) “Levi’s uses abrasive blasting, killing workers" 

2) “New Look uses sweatshops”

 3) “River Island pays its workers half the minimum wage" 

4) “H&M uses slave labour" 

5) “H&M uses sweatshops”

6) “Asos uses sweatshops”

7) “Bershka – owned by Inditex – uses child labour”

8) “Stradivarius- owned by Inditex – uses child labour" 

9) “Mango – 1135 dead in the Savar building collapse”

A lot of people in the notes are getting real defensive while missing the point of the post. For one thing, no where on this post does it tell you not to shop at these places or that youre a bad person if you do. The post is about showing the hypocrisy of these brands emptily co-opting social justice movements for profit, something extremely rampant right now. Its an information post. Its an attack on the corporations, not the individual.