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YouTube’s algorithm…I mean yes this is about flat-earthers, and we all like to laugh about them, but something has to be said about the fact that conspiracy theories are spread so easily to impressionable youth at a GLOBAL scale. And its not just flat-earthers, it’s Naziism, it’s anti-Semitism, islamophobia, it’s all the terrible radicalization that is happening. It’s all connected, and it’s so so easy to become radicalized because of YouTubes algorithm.

They do this for just about anything, too. Even if you watch overtly left-wing videos they will recommend hard-right video and conspiracy theorists to you. I got a white supremacist creator recommended to me from watching a Bernie Sanders interview.

They run hard-right ads over Left-wing creators now, too. Over a Majority Report video I got an ad for an “anti-PC,” pro-Trump news network. LGBTQ creators I watch are consistently getting gay conversion therapy ads played over them.

The Right loves to scream censorship when they get warning for using racial slurs or demonitized for pushing conspiracy theories, but the Left get hits just as hard if not harder on social media.

the right will always have it easier because their politics aren’t threatening to capital