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Please signal boost this, this is a real candidate currently running who excuses pedophilia and white supremacy but disapproves of gay marriage. He has made chatrooms for pedophiles and white supremists, fetishizes his THREE-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER and advocates for the legalization of child pornography. This is sick. Please spread this, there’s not enough notes on this.

This is vile

killhim kill him kill him kill him kill him kill him

He’s a candidate in Virginia, from Charlottesville

I know it’s horrible but I can’t stop laughing at how closely this guy resembles every stereotypical great evil that your average Tumblr user has declared war against.

This is him.  This is Incel Nazi Skinhead Gun-Nut Misogynist Rapist Pedophile Wall-Building Strict Constructionist Free Market Capitalist Felonious Conspirator, White Cis-Heterosexual Dudebro.

He is The Kyriarchy.

Also people for some reason seem to think he stands a chance in hell of winning.

How the fuck is he not in jail