America’s a Trip.


It’s amazing, really, how fucked the American framework is in terms of political discussion. It’s a genuine piece of wonder.

Angela Merkel is a right-wing conservative figure, globally. She’s against gay marriage; she’s an ardent supporter of Israel; she’s a hardcore supporter of every US President and almost every neoliberal assault on global human rights. She supports tax cuts for “traditional family structures” (ones with only a single income and the mom stays home to watch after the kids). She supports restricting immigration to Germany.

But because she supports Universal Healthcare (which, mind you, is almost 140 years old in Germany) and doesn’t support Israel gunning down Palestinians from 700 meters away, she’s some left-wing nutjob in the US.

This is a country where mainstream political thinkers and allies of the President and Republican Party at large think Nazis are a left-wing ideology because they had harsh gun control laws for Jews, nevermind the fact that gun control was loosened for “Proper Germans” (mirroring America’s own “the 2nd amendment is cool until the blacks have guns; let’s curtail gun rights”). Nazis had universal healthcare…for “aryans” as a part of their conservative plank of appealing to German Tradition (it was already 50 years old by the 30s).

People who don’t live here think that it’s just the American Crazies who think this way.