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I hope he gets the justice he deserves. This is fucking terrible

As a queer man of color whose father’s family still live in Jamaicq, I was asked never to come back to the island by my many cousins. I have next to no contact from any of them and for good reason, one of them even threatened to come up here to the stastes and kill me himself. Contrary to popular belief life in Jamaica isn’t like the sandals all inclusive resort shows you. This man’s death is a reality for many queer men and women in Jamaica. I just pray he rests in power, and the hearts he touched will be stronger for his death and continue his legacy.

Jamaica is extremely homophobic, it is sad to say but they’ll brush his death off.

rest in power🖤🏳️‍🌈✊🏾

Aww rest in Peace ☹✊🏿🏳️‍🌈✊🏿🏳️‍🌈✊🏿🏳️‍🌈

Respect and Honor on your name.

Rest In Power. 🏳️‍🌈✊🏾

Rest in power. 🏳️‍🌈✊🏿