so my brother was telling me about this human resources certification he attended a while ago. in a panel, the panelist asked a bunch of people in attendance, “who here knows if an applicant for a job is right for it in under 60 seconds?”

hands shot up around the room, people smug about their ability to “weed out the riff-raff” when it came to hiring for their fortune 500.

“you should all be fired and probably in jail,” they said, waiting for the whole room to get uncomfortable, then continued, “because the only things you can really learn about a human being in under 60 seconds are all things that are fueled by prejudices and biases covered by american law. so now, i will teach you how to stop being racist, sexist, judgmental assholes and hire people that will better your company of employ.”

I need this to be force taught at all companies

This is a good example of why study after study after study has shown that discrimination against racialized people looking for work is very real.  Oh, and don’t get too smug if you’re not in the USA – similar studies have shown that the same shit happens in Canada, Germany, the UK,
  – basically in every country you can think of.