r/AskReddit – Since Donald Trump has been Pres…

r/AskReddit – Since Donald Trump has been President of the United States, what negative impacts has him being president caused you personally?:



I feel like I am way less interested in being an informed person because media + Trump combo had me so burnt out on all of it by the time the 2016 election rolled around. I used to listen to NPR daily and consumed alot of journalism in general, now I can go a week without checking my news app and I never listen to anything except podcasts that are completely unrelated to anything concerning politics or current events. So I’m just kind of dull and apathetic about all of it which is depressing.

I’ve had a couple of tense conversations with some of our European suppliers today.

Swiss CNC MAchine shop here. Prices went up 25% on most of the metal stock we use. Plus side, jobs are pouring in at a record rate.

I work in the electrical supply industry. At least four of the manufacturers we work with raised prices 5-7%, specifically because of the steel and aluminum tariffs.

I’m in the fire sprinkler industry. 2 days after Trump hinted about steel tariffs, Tyco (Grinnell) announced all of their grooved fittings will have a 10% price increase.

I work in mental health and the medicaid budget was totally fucked this year. We have less than half of the medicaid money we would normally get and theyre planning on more cuts next year. We no longer get paid if a MCD client no-shows an appointment and 90% of MCD clients no show consistently. It’s making my job very hard and we are losing more money than ever. But hey I guess the extra $15 on my paycheck from that tax cut was worth it.

I work in mental healthcare in a very blue state. The funding for research has dried up, grad students have lost their grants, and a suicide hotline I volunteer at will most likely be losing half of it’s funding and we’re resorting to things like bake sales to pay the 3 full-time staff. We’re even losing funding for needle exchanges, with Trump pretending to give a damn about the opioid epidemic. 

I’ve told this story before, but I used to work at a hospital that began a multi million dollar renovation when Obamacare was seen as established law. After Trump got elected, the hospital cut staffing to the bone to offset future losses from a potential repeal of Obamacare. Patient volume was through the roof and the acuity level was super high. It became a very dangerous place to be a patient. The majority of the existing staff left, myself included, because we were worried about losing our licenses. I moved out of state to find another job, so I miss my friends and family. The people still at the hospital I left say it’s a real nightmare now. Bad for the health care workers, but the patients are the ones who are really suffering.

I work in higher ed. Funding for environmental research was abruptly cut, which eliminated grant money for many of our grad students. It also destroyed several long-term research projects, but that didn’t affect me personally. Also, our university HR determined that it was much less likely to succeed in a request for an H-1B visa, so they are usually unwilling to put in the significant effort required to file and defend the paperwork. This means that it’s a lot harder to hire for certain positions. Some are still unfilled.

While it hasn’t affect me, exactly, some family members who depend on Obamacare are seeing their benefits and options whither away, because the federal government is going back on its commitment to help fund insurers. Not sure whether Trump is the architect of that or just a cheerleader.

Wife works for a renewable energy company. They were growing fast. Doubled their number of employees every year for the past two years.

The solar tariffs fucked things up. For the first time since the company began a decade or so ago, they’ve laid off people. It set them back probably one or two years.

Here’s an article about the situation more generally.

Have a few clients who are in the touring industry. My business is down because their business is down. It’s not due to competition, but rather tourism has declined in general considerably. The general concensus is the same from my clients – that the U.S. doesn’t have it’s enticing charm anymore and not a place travelers associate with the word vacation.

I work at a University with a large percentage of international students. Thanks to the travel ban and general fear of coming here, international enrollment is down. This means we may have to shut down certain graduate programs that rely on these students and their tuition. It also means domestic students won’t receive the funding they normally would. It is incredibly short-sighted not to realize that these things affect our own population as much as the international community.

Here’s an odd, albeit very minor, impact that I’ve noticed. I feel weird wearing patriotic clothing now, specifically a shirt that just has an American flag on it.

I love the shirt, been wearing it out and about for years now, but I’ve noticed in the last year that people kind of look at me funny when I wear it now as if being proud of my country automatically makes me a Trump supporter. I feel like his administration has made a point to demonize criticism and now any dissatisfaction with how things are being run automatically makes you anti-American. So by consequence, the flip side of showing any pride for the country must mean I’m a proud Republican

Much of my family could not attend my wedding due to on again off again visa issues thanks to the “Muslim Ban”. I couldn’t have my parents walk me down the aisle.

On a personal note: my own aunt couldn’t come to see her son graduate from Rutger’s University because of these issues.  She’s a well-known Westernized politician in her country, married to a U.S. Citizen, with kids who are also U.S. Citizens.

I’m a Southern Baptist. What upsets me the most isn’t what Trump has done; it is all the support that the people I stand in fellowship with have given him. They call him a good man. They call him a Christian. A believer.

They hate the “left” so much that they ignore truth. They ignore the philandering. The ignore the scams he has run. They ignore the hatred he spews. They ignore the lies he tells. They ignore that he is likely a traitor to the nation. They ignore that he has no idea what being a Christian actually is.

And in doing so, they tarnish the image of church. They dishonor the Name of the Almighty God. They turn people who are hurting away from a place where they are supposed to be loved, and comforted, and supported. Hell, they even kick them on the way out. If you are gay, or an immigrant, or a liberal, they will hate you.

I know that the church has failed. I know it didn’t start with Trump. But for me, this is the worst part of his presidency so far.

Until recently, I worked in criminal prosecution. The vast majority of our victims and lay witnesses come from marginalized communities: inner-city African-Americans and Hispanic people of sometimes questionable immigration status.

Since Trump took office, race relations have taken a nosedive, especially as it relates to law enforcement. Many of our victims and witnesses have been scared to come to court, believing (sometimes with good reason) that ICE will be waiting to take them into custody. My job, which was to prosecute criminals, became much more difficult under Trump.

I didn’t cherry pick.  I didn’t go hunting.

I literally just went down the list and picked one response after another, after another, after another.

What sort of dumb sonuvabitch reads this post and thinks the quotes are all from one person?

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