So, dpes that mean Article 13/11 makes posting…

So, dpes that mean Article 13/11 makes posting Memes dangerous, or not?

As far as I’m aware – and others can correct me on this – memes would be “dangerous” because… okay. Let’s take this meme:


It’s clearly from an anime. 

But again, as far as I’m aware, it would be illegal to make memes like this:


Because you’ve taken a still from a show that doesn’t belong to you. You’ve taken things from Google that don’t belong to you to add to it. And then you’re sharing what you’ve “stolen.” All because Article 13 claims to be “protecting copyright,” and memes are usually taken from things that others have created, where a whole bunch of people then alter and have fun with.

And, right, you can’t post the first screenshot, because that doesn’t belong to you, either.

So, yes, it sounds like a weird thing, but memes are legitimately under threat under Article 13.