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If OP wants a cat that badly and her boyfriend is allergic, it would be best for them to just break up. The cat is obviously already more important to her than the boyfriend’s health, and this isn’t something as simple as popping a pill every day.

I am severely allergic to cats. It’s not just sniffles and sneezes like people without animal allergies assume animal allergies are – being allergic to an animal often means not being able to breathe because of your airways swelling up in reaction to the airborne dander and sebum from the animal’s fur. It’s similar to any other allergic reaction by skin contact or ingestion, not just seasonal hay fever.

My late sister had three cats in her home. The last time I went over there to see her new floors, even wearing an allergy face mask I had to leave after 10 minutes because my eyes were burning so bad I was having trouble seeing and and it was getting extremely difficult to breathe because my airways were starting to close up. It took three days of rest and constant inhaler use to get my breathing back to normal. 

Allegra isn’t going to fix that shit any more than it would fix an allergy to shellfish.

Besides putting most people into a really thick haze, antihistamines are meant to be taken for short periods of time. Taking antihistamines for extended periods of time damages your nervous system and can negatively affect your brain.

Most animal allergies aren’t magically cured with an over the counter allergy pill like Allegra or Zyrtec, etc., regardless of what the commercials show. I’m really sick of people with animal allergies being demonized as unreasonable, inconsiderate, or otherwise “bad” people just because they’re allergic to the “wrong” animal according to the person doing the shit talking. I’m sick of being treated like a nuisance for something I was born with that I have absolutely no control over. 

People with animal allergies can’t help our allergies any more than a kid with a peanut allergy can help theirs, and it’s incredibly unfair to be labeled as selfish or unreasonable just because we’re not willing to live our day to day lives in physical misery or put our long term health at risk.

^ This! Decide your priorities and act accordingly. 

My SO is allergic to cats. Despite a fear of needles he has even offered to get shots because he knows I had cats before we lived together, but I am concerned for his health and comfort so I’m perfectly fine with not having cats. Living with a cat would basically manufacture a severe chronic health problem he would otherwise not be afflicted with. Why would anyone with basic human empathy want to do this to anyone they care about? When we have space for pets we’ll have dogs, which he is not allergic to. I’m interested in having that new experience with him, and it will be much, much healthier for him. 

If you want a cat so badly and you care about your partner so little that you’re willing to harm them by filling their home with allergens, you’re being an asshole and you need to take a serious look at your long-term expectations for that relationship. 

((Obviously there’s a different case when someone who wants a cat has a manageable allergy, but it’s always a risk and the people not taking the risk shouldn’t be the loudest voice in that conversation.)) 

Reblogging again for the addition of a non-allergic person in a relationship with an allergic person. It’s nice to see consideration of someone else’s allergies for once, especially since so many of the responses on this post show absolutely zero.

Good thing women apparently never get allergies.