Notable dumbass Elon Musk doesn’t know when to quit

I’m corporaphobic

Suddenly Elon is a “dumbass” to you people the moment the media started outright attacking the man’s character and businesses. Yeah all corporations are evil “bad”, assuming you have a job, be sure to quit make a start up from scratch. You also lose all rights to criticize corporations that outpour resources and aid to developing nations since they are “bad” you cannot have a “good” remember you just said they’re all bad. Some of you guys need to get over your black and white “monopoly man vs starving Timmy” imagery considering it was government inefficiency and bureaucracy that leads to most problems never being solved in society and now want to crap on the people who are job providers, investors and developers of society.

Also fuck the idea that innovation wouldn’t exist without giant corporations, that’s literally not how it works a majority of the time.