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Naturalized US citizens are reporting that the DHS website is listing them as “not a citizen”.

From Funmilayo Celestina Ekundayo:

So i just got this message when i attempted to update my voter registration.

This is a lie. I became a naturalized citizen in 2005. Drove all the way to Memphis Tennessee for the ceremony.

I have voted in 2 elections; i have an American passport I’ve traveled with, and i have gone to the Department of safety and homeland security to update all information, last time i did was 2 years ago when i needed a copy of my social security card.

So, a warning to all naturalized citizens inTennessee , check your status now!!


Something is happening.
I have confirmed others that are having this issue. Folks, this is Not a drill!!
Check your statuses.
*update 2*
Still trying to find answers. After calling the Department of homeland security and safety, i was told by the representative that he didn’t know what was happening and would like to refer me to an “immigration officer”. The wait time is 57 minutes. The office closed in 17 minutes.
I will try again on Monday.
Until then, i am taking my passport with me Everywhere!! EVERYWHERE!!!

This is not a drill.


stay safe, friends

Some highlights from the article:

The excuse for the committee being formed to strip naturalized citizenship of their status is, ostensibly, looking for people who lied on their application. What kind of lies, though? Well –

“Back in 1989, I had to make a decision about whether to lie on my citizenship application. At the time, immigration law banned “aliens afflicted with sexual deviation,” among others suffering from “psychopathic personality,” from entry to the United States. I had come to this country as a fourteen-year-old, in 1981, but I had been aware of my “sexual deviation” at the time…

Over the years, the applications for both citizenship and permanent residence have grown ever longer, filling with questions that seem to be designed to be used against the applicant. Question 26 on the green-card application, for example, reads, “Have you EVER committed a crime of any kind (even if you were not arrested, cited, charged with, or tried for that crime)?” (Emphasis in the original.)

The question does not specify whether it refers to a crime under current U.S. law or the laws of the country in which the crime might have been committed. In the Soviet Union of my youth, it was illegal to possess foreign currency or to spend the night anywhere you were not registered to live. In more than seventy countries, same-sex sexual activity is still illegal. On closer inspection, just about every naturalized citizen might look like an outlaw, or a liar.”

If you were gay and that was a crime at the time you applied to become a citizen, you could now get your citizenship stripped for that reason.

Who’s surprised  that this incredibly and overtly racist hunting party is set to hit queer people especially hard.

Also, historical precedent says that someone who has gone through the rigors of the naturalization process is to be viewed as much a citizen as any native born citizen (nbc), and therefore should *only* be stripped of that citizenship under circumstances that a nbc would, i.e. they’re convicted of treason

This move aims to completely redefine what it means to have American citizenship and permanently establish naturalized immigrants as second class citizens. It is reckless, ignorant, and vile.


And that is their end goal. It’s to cause such a rift and a social divide between American citizens, born or naturalized, that we begin eating at each other. Trump wants to blame immigrants for stealing American jobs; yet corporations and factories are moving overseas, even state to state, creating “ghost towns” which are crippling a state or a county’s economy and raise unemployment.

He keeps promoting the idea that immigrants who come here are criminals, rapists, or not the best they have to offer. Even though immigrants commit less crime than natural born citizens and have a huge impact on the economy.

His policies, his actions, and his ideas are normalizing Fascist, neo-nazi ideologies that COMPLETELY go against the spirit of America. With the way things are going, I’m not going to be surprised if they start telling American citizens to report people who might not be citizens.