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even if the fraud was like 5% it wouldn’t compare to rich people cheating the system by trillions lmao

Also, SNAP “fraud” is like exchanging some of your stamps for cash to buy necessities you can’t buy with stamps, like soap or deodorant or tampons

TBH even if one hundred percent of people on food stamps were committing food stamp fraud I’d still be in favor of keeping the program around

Hey I wanna talk about this.

I work at a drug addiction counseling center. A ton of my clients have, at one time or another, sold their food stamps. This is basically exactly what the GOP is afraid of, right? Drug addicts selling their food stamps.

I have learned, now, to ask them WHY they sold their food stamps. Here is an incomplete list of the answers:

– I need tampons, and you can’t buy them with foodstamps

– See above RE: toilet paper

– I was living in a hotel with no kitchen then. I had to buy pre-prepared food

– The homeless shelter won’t let me keep food in my locker or room, so I have to buy pre-prepared food (Yes, really)

– I had to make rent

– My sister had to make rent

– My son had to make rent

– I needed co-pays to get my medication or I’ll die

– I needed co-pays to get my medication or I’ll loose control of my mental health

But the absolute most common form of food stamp fraud I see? Giving away food stamps to other family members who get no food stamps or insufficient food stamps to feed their families. I see that every month. People glassy eyed and hungry because they gave away their food to their adult kids, their grand kids, cousins, siblings etc.

So, is food stamp fraud rampant? In some places, yes. And I’m not about to chastise people for it.