Imagine waking up every day being Sargon of Akkad, what a horribly sad existence

he’s making over 400 dollars a day just for sitting in a desk chair and racist-ing at a camera…unfortunately, i don’t think he’d agree 

No amount of money would ever be able to reconcile such a sad, worthless existence

That’s on top of youtube ads.

I have noticed that he’s becoming more and more well, racist, and his videos are in such shit quality now. He strawmans and generalises often but his fans want to hate whoever he is responding to so much that they don’t even notice. Its sad because he used to be one of my favourite youtubers.

That’s literally what happens when you make reactionary racists your bread and butter.

I’m not joking. This is explicitly one of the steps of the fascist radicalization of a country on a personal scale. Classical liberals and cultural conservatives align with fascistic elements to reinforce their waning power in response to an ascendant left wing. Their influence then becomes a platform and breeding ground for fascistic expansion until they are subsumed by it.