im reading this deleted thread on r/legaladvice where the OP is a member of a deeply racist and homophobic fundamentalist christian family. his youngest brother left home really young because he was gay and ended up becoming stupid rich and marrying a black man, which his family (including OP) did NOT approve of. anyways this son dies of cancer and his will stipulates that his family gets $100k and his husband gets $900k. and OP’s older sister somehow ends up as executor of this estate and decides, fuck it, they werent actually married (they were), let’s just blatantly ignore his will and steal literally a million dollars and distribute it among the family, at which point the husband shows up with a copy of the son’s will demanding his share and OP is asking if he has a leg to stand on and all the comments are just

SO fucking good oh my GOD

Tbh this is also why gay marriage matters. It protects you from shit like this.