My favorite question is, “Okay, what are you going to do in another 100-200 years when the population balloons up again?” 

I mean, you’d think with something that has that much insane amounts of reality revising power you’d be able to produce technology or some kind of method to improve the efficiency of resources so that people aren’t dying. 

Kind of amazing how someone with such an iron will to sacrifice anything, or do anything, to ‘save’ people took what was probably the most overly simplistic and short-sighted solution.

#i can only imagine iain m banks spinning in his grave at the premise of this film#and presumsbly the comic its based on idk

Its only a vague recollection but iirc the comics Thanos was in love with the personification of death and so set out to get the gaunlet and stones so he could kill enough people to get her attention…but she was in love with Deadpool so..waste of time??

Honestly that’s a less ridiculous premise than what they actually went with.

Everyone fucking universally praised this movie. This is the first time I’ve seen anything about this retarded villain motivation. I am so, so glad this post exists.