Speedier broadband standards? Pai’s FCC says 2…

Speedier broadband standards? Pai’s FCC says 25Mbps is fast enough:


“As FCC chairman since 2017, Pai has kept the standard at 25Mbps/3Mbps despite calls to raise it from Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel. This week, he proposed keeping the standard the same for another year.

…"This inquiry fundamentally errs by proposing to keep our national broadband standard at 25Mbps,” Rosenworcel said yesterday. “It is time to be bold and move the national broadband standard from 25 Megabits to 100 Megabits per second. When you factor in price, at this speed the United States is not even close to leading the world. That is not where we should be and if in the future we want to change this we need both a more powerful goal and a plan to reach it. Our failure to commit to that course here is disappointing. I regretfully dissent.”

“While Pai’s proposal isn’t yet finalized, keeping the current speed standard would likely mean that Pai’s FCC will conclude that broadband deployment is already happening fast enough throughout the US. Pai could use that conclusion in attempts to justify further deregulation of the broadband industry.

…"FCC data generally lags behind the present time by about a year, so even the next report may not have any data from after the net neutrality repeal. The February 2018 report was based on data through December 2016, and the 2019 report may be based on data through December 2017. Pai’s repeal was voted through in December 2017 and implemented in June 2018.”