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Well now, my mere breath has probably caused hundreds of future doctors and firefighters to never be born.

Then again, the same goes for my hypothetical early death.

Oh, what to do.


I-isn’t this just what we do every goddamn day talking on the internet? like, typing a post and trying to communicate with people and change their mind is trying to do something utterly fucking frivolous in the hope that if you do it often enough things will get better.

Like, if this is deep for you, that’s only because you’re incredibly shallow.

The OP doesn’t seem to understand that the idea behind most time
travelers in stories being afraid of small changes is chaos theory, or
at least a popular understanding of it.  The just of it is you have
absolutely no idea how far-reaching the effect will be and what’s going
to result.

Therefore, it’s not a very good comparison to “Let’s
all do a small thing to make a big difference collectively / it’ll be
payed forward” and it’s pretty funny to see that reach.

In the
context of the present, it can still be pretty difficult to understand
what the future will see as productive.  What if, for example, you were
the inventor of elector-convulsive therapy?  Or how about controlled nuclear fission?
The same can be said of political ideals that seem redemptive today.

This isn’t to say
that we should give up and do nothing, in fact everything we have today both good and bad was made by people in the same predicament almost all of whom were acting on their own idea of good intentions, but at some point we have to
accept that we’re only living within the limits of our knowledge and chill the fuck out.

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