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was the 5 day workweek from the industrial revolution?
or did unions fight for hundreds of years for it?

I admit I’m getting really tired of people slamming the 5-day workweek or 8-hour work day as “capitalist ploys” “designed to keep workers exhausted and docile.” Guys, labor unions FOUGHT for these for YOU, because the alternative was 7-day weeks and 16-hour days!

Can we do better? YES we can do better, partly because the technology has evolved to allow us to do more with less and partly because we’ve gotten so accustomed to the idea that workers deserve rest and comfort that we CAN negotiate for better.

If you take one life lesson from the past, let it be this: Sometimes things that were made to do good by people who meant well can have unforeseen, negative consequences down the line. Let us learn to forgive the mistakes of our past as we would have our own forgiven.

The 5-day workweek was something we fought for. Now we have to fight harder to shorten it further.