Starbucks Barista: you ok?

Me: I’m fine

My brain: I wonder if people realize that the book of Leviticus was not written by a person, but actually dates to the time when the Greeks were dominating the Mediterranean and spreading their culture to the places they traded with, which included public baths and same-sex relationships, which the Levites of modern-day Israel couldn’t allow because they believed that they were the descendants of Levi, descendant of Jacob, whom God himself referred to as “Israel” and were therefore the chosen people that HAD to maintain their ancient traditions, so they introduced the Code of the Levites (aka: the Book of Leviticus) which included a contradiction to every single Greek custom to scare the descendants of Jacob from marrying any Greeks or attending public baths — meaning that people of the United States of America — the first free and modern democracy — have political platforms and personal opinions about homosexuality that they think is founded on the word of God, but in reality stems from a set of laws that were designed to prevent Jewish men from taking baths with Greek men